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About Company

Abundant experience, flexibility, innovation and competency have combined in order to establish international transportation company of Behravan-Bar. This company accompanied with a group of its sub professional companies has the capability of offering advanced services in the field of goods carriage and releasing and customer-based services by infrastructure equipments and experienced personnel. 

Agency :
Nowadays, with globalizing of industry, transportation industry has encountered with fundamental alterations and included transportation companies also. Behravan-Bar agency is an international transportation company, aiming to detect opportunities, create appropriate and intimate relationship with business partners based on international laws and develop commercial servicing.

Strategy :
We pay attention to improvement and development of our electronic services and innovation in staff, organizational and logistics equipments and we believe in obtaining more contribution of international transportation, since we know that transportation industry always has influence on economical development in a country these days and transportation companies play an important role in this effectiveness.

Value :
Paying attention to customer's request and favorableness of quality of presented services based on customers' satisfactory

Intuition :
Adherence to customer relationship management principle and offering services in international quality level with global credit, innovation in business and creativity in transportation industry represent our intuition.

Goal :
Our goal is not only customer satisfaction, but also stability and continuity of customer relationship accompanied with satisfaction.