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Annually, hundreds of milliard dollar goods are exchanged in the world in order to meet the various requirements of people all over the world. Significant growing of business exchanges during recent century, although affected by increasing the production surplus in some countries and deployment of international marketing activities, the significant contribution of transportation system in increasing the volume of business exchanges in the world should not be ignored.

Transportation section is a dynamic, pervasive and complex phenomenon that its different fields feed the roots of human economy and gives spirit and permanence to it. The well-known economist, Leon third, states that “transportation is the foundation of all the human activities”. Advantage of this field to human-being is to achieve better and qualified life based on more safety, evolution and honor besides easier human relationships and cost-efficient business conditions. The promotion degree of present societies is evaluated by development metrics of transportation and exploitation amount of applying facilities and equipments of this field and it is considered as special elements of cultural, economical and social supreme of nations over comparable attracted credits.

Efficient and successful transportation is the infrastructure of healthy economy and it is one of the main components of production-consumption cycle. Although the activities of transportation (displacing operations of goods) itself are a part of production process, it is considered as service parts in the classification of economical parts. Some researchers believe that the growth of transportation is based on production growth and some others believe that production growth is based on transportation growth. Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine the priority of production and transportation by developing of societies and increasing complexity of social and economical relationships.